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It´s always Earth Day for these brands

All Birds

This New Zeland based brand´s goal is to go Carbon Neutral by the end of this year. They design shoes using the most abundant raw material in their land, wool. By doing so, they reduce 60% of energy compared to companies that design synthetic shoes. They also use materials like recycled bottles for shoelaces, castor bean oil for their machines and recycled carboard for their packaging.


"We believe both businesses and consumers have the power and responsibility to replenish rather than deplete the ecosystems they impact." Nisolo partners with Ecosphere + and together they protect trees from getting uprooted in the Peruvian Amazon. Every time you purchase one of their shoes you are also contributing to the protection of the environment and the communities that thrive with it.


After visiting a factory in China the founders of VEJA were moved by the harsh conditions the workers were living in, they decided to start a more ethycal business. They teamed up with communities in Brazil and started to collaborate with agro-ecological cooperatives that grow organic cotton. This way they are now able to design sneakers without leaving nature and people behind.