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From dad shoes that are no bad joke to badass black boots.

Jeff Goldblum

Also known as “The Fly”, and an expert dinosaur scientist, Jeff Goldblum knows how to rock those daddy shoes perfectly. We all know and love the quirkiness of this actor, and if you want to complete your look, just reach out for the Balenciaga Triple S Trainer Shoes.

Emily Ratajkowski

The talented actress and model, Emily Ratajkowski, shows us that you just need to take care of your shoes. It doesn’t matter if you are only going to the store or back to your house because you forgot your wallet, the Balenciaga Leather Ankle Boots are always a dad’s champion.

Sam Worthington

The actor who portrayed Jake Sully in the worldwide phenomenon “Avatar”, takes the streets with quite a unique style in the Balenciaga black high sneakers. This pair is for a much cooler dad.

Sharon Stone

The iconic Sharon Stone wears the Balenciaga Ceinture Ankle Boot like she runs the streets. Strap these on, stomp anywhere you walk.

Bella Hadid

If you happen to be in Paris during the Fashion Week you might as well get yourself a pair of these and walk around paparazzis like Bella Hadid. These Balenciaga White Triple S Trainers can be your introductory Balenciaga shoe magic.