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Cinco de Mexican shoe designer brands

Golden Ponies

Choose your favorite colors, combine them and wear them on your feet. Golden Ponies makes handmade items based on their designs. Order up, it takes them 15 days to get the pair ready.

Adriana Rivera Torres

If you want an original design, handpicked by you please d o yourself a favor and contact Adriana Rivera Torres, ART. Don´t wear what you are given, choose.


Go back a little, put a prom ballad on an slip one of Mitu´s design. They are based in the capital leather of Mexico, the city of Leon in the state of Guanajuato.

Mila Milu

These shoes are made for the runnway. If what you need is a look worthy of a magazine spread then check out Mila Milu.

María Montiel

If you´re looking for a more folk driven brand, scroll through María Montiel´s Instagram account. She works alongside asrtisan masters to create distinct twists in traditional designs.